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Frugal Business Tools

Helping you find the right software to run & grow your online business … without spending a fortune.

Make money more easily from your online business

(without your profits getting eaten up by expenses)

Sales & Marketing

find (and be found) & close more clients

  • Proposals & payment tools
  • Webinar & video recording
  • CRM & sales pipeline tracking

Communication Tools

collaborate easily with clients & team memers

  • Project management tools
  • Delegation & team organization
  • E-mail & social media software

Admin & Operations

make your life easier & more productive

  • Bookkeeping & accounting
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Time management & productivity

You wanna run your business

not waste time testing expensive software

This site is software & tool recommendations for solopreneurs & small businesses, primarily online service & training business.

Because your software budget line item shouldn’t exceed your profits, and your tools should help you maximize your time, increase sales, and retain clients.

We’ve made the mistakes

so you don’t have to

Our team & contributors have invested thousands of dollars in disappointing software that overpromised and underdelivered, or that didn’t play well with other tools, or that had shiny sales pages but was held together by duct tape.

We’ll share the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of software for online businesses.


Recent posts

WeekPlan: my favorite time blocking & task management software

I'm a busy lady — I'm running a business (that has both a client services agency side and a training side), have this website as a side hustle, have two small kids (and they eat, like, every day) and a husband who works unpredictable shiftwork hours — and still I need...

6 apps & productivity hacks I use to read more books

6 apps & productivity hacks I use to read more books

Recently I started sharing every book I finished on my Instagram stories. In addition to the wonderful conversations it starts — "how did you like that one? oooh, I loved the ways that one character did that thing!" — I've gotten one question on repeat: How the heck...

How I boost course engagement with an integrated online community

How I boost course engagement with an integrated online community

There is no one-size-fits-all tool that works for every business. For most of us -- especially the micro-businesses of 1-5 team members -- both our time & our budgets limit our ability to build customized tools to do everything we want. Thankfully, software teams...

Tools should make your life easier

not make you cry in the shower

Just because we love testing software doesn’t mean we expect you to enjoy learning all the functionalities of every tool you use.

When we have to choose between easy or powerful, we’ll err on the side of simplicity every time.

Because you want to spend your time running your business, not talking to a Live Chat robot.